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Sioux Falls Little League follows the rules outlined in Appendix A – Lightning Safety Guidelines of the LITTLE LEAGUE RULEBOOK. The ability to see lightning varies depending on the time of day, weather conditions, and obstructions such as trees, mountains, etc. In clear air, and especially at night, lightning can be seen from storms more than 10 miles away provided that obstructions don’t limit the view of the thunderstorm. Due to this, lightning strikes will be monitored by board members both on site and remotely using appropriate applications and on site lightning detectors. Sanford Sports Complex operates under these same guidelines and if you are asked to vacate the facility for lightning strikes, you must comply. 

Appropriate staff at events will look to the Little League WeatherBug application for weather guidance. Within this application is a “Spark” lightning detector. If at any time, the lightning detector determines lightning is within a 10 mile radius, all activities shall be halted for at least 30 minutes and the field cleared immediately.
**There is no discretion as to this point.

Players, fans and managers are to seek shelter in their cars. Standing under trees, light stands or the concession stand area at any facility are not safe locations! You are at risk for a ground strike from lightning. Simply because lightning is outside of the 10 mile radius does not automatically mean that play should continue. When evidence exists that a storm is rapidly approaching so that safety of the players and fans is at risk, play may be halted to give fans time to reach the safety of their cars.

Everyone participating in a Sioux Falls Little League event, including games and practices, are expected to follow these basic guidelines when there is lightning in the area.

  1. If there is lightning or thunder, appropriate staff are to check the application; play must be suspended for 30 minutes from the last time a lightning strike was recorded within 10 miles of the facility.
  2. The 30-minute countdown restarts every time a recorded lightning strike is seen within 10 miles.
  3. Players must wait in cars/vehicles and NOT in the dugouts, batting cage.
  4. Activities can resume once 30-minutes have passed from the last time a recorded lightning strike is noted within the application and/or an all-clear announcement has been made.

"Lightning can strike long before it starts raining... Many lightning strike victims are hit before rain begins. Lightning can strike over 10 miles away from a thunderstorm."1

You can read more at the Little League International website here:

Staying Safe from Lightning at the Field

Lightning Safety Guidelines

Source: 1. Meteorologist Garett Argianas


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